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In a world where con men ruin seniors lives, three unlikely heroes take on the challenge of a lifetime and meet their match in Bitsy Bites Back, an action comedy coming soon to a rectangular screen near you.

Kim Christopher Codella
Miyoko Sakatani
Haninah Abdullah
Mark Robinson

Written, Directed and Produced by
Richard Mueller

Story consultant, Extra dialogue and Director of Production:
Dave Kagno

Co-Produced by:
Dave Kagno and Miyoko Sakatani

Associate Producers:
David Bridges - Cinematographer 
Mandissa Logan - Continuity and Turtle Wrangler
George Pfleger - Sound Engineer
Ricardo Aguilar - Costume Consultant
Richard Swart - Production Assistant

Dressmakers: Mario Chacon and Louise Jarmilowicz
Top hat by: Corinne Swatzina, Chiki Bird Hat Studio
Makeup: Naruemon Promsawasdi
Carpenter: Roberto Amaro
Craft services: Sarah Duncan
Custom Art: Arica Reinhardt

Filmed at: Seventh Heaven Studio / San Francisco Ca.

Special thanks to:
Douglas Hoggatt

A Small Wonders Film

In association with
Playland Productions

© 2022 RICHARD MUELLER / Small Wonders Films